I read somewhere that self-care doesn’t always mean bubble baths and massages. It means to parent yourself. To make yourself do things you don’t really want to do because it’s for your own good. Like putting away laundry, doing the dishes, skipping dessert, turning off your phone, or doing your taxes.

Trust me, as the patron saint of procrastination, I get it. I put off household chores, skip cool-downs after workouts, and avoid thinking about finances at all costs.

But that feeling when you finally buckle down and do it is always such a sigh of relief.

Procrastination is the ultimate self-sabotage. It’s wanting to hide from responsibility. It’s fear of success. It’s the shit that holds you back from moving forward and being your best self. And it’s really anxiety-inducing to think about the things you keep putting off that need to get done.

What are you avoiding? What do you know you need to do that you keep putting off? What can you do to stop spoiling yourself and step up for your own good? Figure it out and do it.

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