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3316 Tejon St | Suite 103 | Denver, CO 80211

Move Well, Look Good, Feel Better

Lux Strength is a small private and semi-private strength studio in Denver, Colorado.​

We help everyone from total beginners, seasoned athletes, and anyone in between learn how to move their bodies to lose fat, build muscle, be strong as hell, and feel amazing.

Training & Services


Fix Your Shitty Movement! Join us monthly for FYSM workshops to take a deep dive into integral movements to help you perform each exercise in the best way possible


Work 1:1 in person or virtually via Zoom for personal training tailored to you and your goals


Glutes Abs Delts! This on-your-own crowd pleasing 12 week program is best for intermediate to advanced lifters with access to a full gym, but it can be modified for limited equipment as well.


    Join up to 3 others in a small group setting to move better, clean up technique, lean out, and have fun moving heavy shit


    Join us throughout the year for workshops, certification courses, community activities, donation based workouts and more


    All my life, I’ve hated exercise and resented working out. But then Covid-19 hit. I wasn’t leaving the house, I couldn’t sleep due to anxiety, and I was eating too much ice cream. My friend suggested I contact her to arrange live remote sessions, and I am so glad I did. First, Charis listened to all my anxieties about past bad experiences. Then she devised numerous routines that PERFECTLY hit a happy medium: I’m consistently challenged, so I stay excited and motivated and see progress, but I’m never discouraged, embarrassed, or in physical pain. Immediately, I started sleeping better and felt less general anxiety, which has made coping with Coronavirus easier. But I also have more energy, less lethargy, and I’m getting stronger. I find myself looking forward to our sessions. Indeed, last week I had to miss one, and I would’ve thought I’d be secretly happy, but in fact I was disappointed. 

    Christian Blood

    I felt like I was her only client, like she spent hours watching the videos she had requested of my lifts providing corrections for things I can’t believe she was able to see in a short video. With each correction, I improved.  I was moving more weight than I ever had and better yet, with no pain.  She also provided progressive bracing drills, I was so thrilled to finally get it, I knew exactly what a brace felt like and if I was doing it right. 

    Joy Baker


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    Monday: 5:30AM – 4:30PM

    Tuesday: 5:00AM – 7:30PM

    Wednesday: CLOSED

    Thursday: 5:00AM – 7:30PM

    Friday: 5:00AM – 1PM

    Saturday: 10:00AM – 12:00PM 

    Sunday: CLOSED




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