A Different Kind of Strong

About Us

All workouts are carefully and methodically programmed, not random. You’ll get real, measurable results through progressive overload.


In order to move well, you have to learn about your body. I know, learning is such a bummer. But nothing is more empowering than discovering how to control your own body. And absolutely nothing will make you stronger, healthier, and dare-I-say sexier?

I’ve developed and perfected my unique method through years of training with some of the most respected masters of the industry and applying painstakingly what I learned to each individual I’ve worked with. In particular, I use Pilates and Russian hardstyle kettlebell to help you avoid pain and move better than ever before, especially under load.

In fact, here at Lux I have an array of different Pilates apparatuses including a Reformer, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, and jump board. And while not all of my clients will utilize that equipment, Pilates is an intricate part of all of my movement analyses and programming.

I’ll teach you how to access the foundations of good movement: proper breathing and spine mechanics, strong and stable feet, and fine motor control of your shoulder and hip complexes. We’ll start with basic core and glute activation drills. As I get to know your body, we ‘ll figure out which movements are most important for your body. I’ll then design a unique program for your specific needs and goals. Regardless of your experience level with weights, you’ll be able to incorporate these corrective movements right away and you’ll be stronger than ever.