It’s snowing. It’s fucking cold. I have gotten zip zero relief moolah. And today I had a back workout scheduled.

The only thing worse than a back workout for me is one without a barbell. In a 330 sq ft studio. With a damn TRX strapped to a door and 1 kettlebell.

But I put on music. Drank an energy drink. Started moving. Just moving. Gentle stretches. Shoulder rolls. First in my PJ’s. Then as I got warm, changed into leggings. And then a sports bra. And I slowly eased into the stupid workout. It took a solid 30 minutes to finally get into a groove.

For me, exercise is the little thing I can do that will make a big difference in the rest of my world. Every time. It doesn’t have to be yours. But considering it’s what got me off my ass and out of my head, and in the end made me feel good, I’d say it’s a damn good place to start.

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